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If anyone has contemplated doing the same, go for it! You never know what might happen. No easy task. Well done. More please.

Review and Pen Test: Complete the Story Journal with Writing Prompts

Some beautiful touches and a strong sense of place. The restraint in the telling is beautiful, heightening the sense of tragedy and loss.

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  • Keep a Daily Journal.

Kids might also interview adults about what kind of writing they do in their everyday lives. Students will see the wide range of writing tasks, styles, and opportunities. Idea Catalog Invite students to keep a notebook where they record possible writing topics. They may choose to do it scrapbook-style and include images and headlines that could spark a piece of writing.

Encourage students to gather ideas from all aspects of their lives—a postcard from summer vacation, the score of a competitive volleyball game, an old family recipe.

Lists are also a great way to generate ideas, such as lists of favorite toys or objects, family pets, or earliest memories. To play, divide the class into two teams. Write ten vocabulary words across the chalkboard and give one rep from each team a flyswatter. Read aloud a definition of one of the words.

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The first student to hit the correct word with her flyswatter earns a point for her team. Create two mazes with desks that go from the front to the back of the room.

  1. Bones in the Desert: The True Story of a Mothers Murder and a Daughters Search (St. Martins True Crime Library).
  2. Be Wise, My Son, and Make My Heart Glad: An Exploration of the Courtly Nature of the Book of Proverbs.
  3. The Story of Amazon.com. Built for Success?
  4. Blaustein’s Pathology of the Female Genital Tract?
  5. After writing a math problem on the board, one student from each team runs through the obstacle course to the front of the room and attempts to answer the problem. The student with the first correct answer wins a point for his team. If the student answers incorrectly, he has to run back through the obstacle course and tag the next person in line to run up to the board and try to answer correctly before the other team does.

    Students spell out the conjugation while sitting on their desks. If a student makes a mistake, she has to sit back on her chair.

    5 Fabulous Books for Writing Prompts

    Continue to give different verbs and conjugations. The last person sitting on his desk is the winner. Slap That Desk! How it Works: Tenafly, New Jersey, English teacher Erin Schwartz has students create three review questions each for homework one easy, one medium, one difficult.

    Schaum's Quick Guide to Essay Writing - PDF Free Download

    Schwartz collects all the questions before the game starts. Divide the class into two teams. For each round, call one student from each team up to the front desk. Thinking about getting stuck? Looking for what to write and a place to write it? This journal, with a prompt at the top of each of its pages is a great gift for a burgeoning writer trust me, I have two! Think yourself more advanced? Seen it all? Tired of books on writing or about writing or trying to get you writing? Well set your ego aside and pick up The Pocket Muse. For the younger writers, these watercolors invite the imagination of the writer to wonder and fill in the blanks with their own stories or decorate the space around the page with their own words of poetry.